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Ethcon Korea 2023

Discover the Light

Ethereum Developer Conference 100% Run by Community Volunteers

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Sep 1st (FRI), 2023 ~ Sep 3rd (SUN), 2023

@Platz WORK2, Seongsu, Seoul

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Ethcon is Back !

Supporting the open-source movement as a non-profit Ethereum developer conference, we have ​started our journey since 2019. Ethcon Korea is wholly operated through community volunteering ​and aims to expand the Ethereum ecosystem in South Korea.

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Speech Day

Sep 1st


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Sep 2nd


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Sep 3rd


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Keynote Speakers


Ethcon Korea supports Quadratic Funding

This Hackathon supports Quadratic Funding, a funding mechanism that aims to distribute ​resources fairly among projects based on community support. Through Quadratic Funding, ​all contributions, no matter how small, can have a significant impact on the final ​allocation of funds. We believe this approach promotes a more democratic and inclusive ​community, and we are proud to support it.

Apply to Hack!

Please stay tuned for more information regarding the Hackathon.

Will be releasing additional details soon, including the rules, guidelines, and prizes!

Ethcon Korea is empowering local communities,

with builders of all kind.

Ethereum is not just a technical solution, but a community as a whole. We aim to empower ​local communities to bring decentralized protocols, tools and culture to the world as well ​as Korea. Ethcon Korea could not happen without a group of dedicated and passionate ​members of the community to help put on the best knowledge sharing!

By filling out the form below, you're expressing a strong intent to participate in the on-site ​organization and operation of the conference in Seoul.

Volunteer Fields

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Dev & ​Engineerin​g

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Goods & ​Design

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Why are we selling tickets?

Even volunteers, including ourselves, purchase tickets to support the Hackathon. Buying a ​ticket is not just an opportunity to attend the conference, but it also signifies support for a ​non-profit organization with a mission to grow the Ethereum community in South Korea. ​Additionally, ticket holders have the chance to support Hackathon participants through ​Quadratic Voting by representing their thoughts and opinions. As a non-profit organization, ​we prioritize transparency, and all funds donated by supporters and collected from ticket ​sales will be clearly reported to the community. Join us for an inspiring event and discover ​emerging ideas worth building!

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