Ethcon Korea is

A non-profit Ethereum developers’ conference. We believe in decentralization and the conference is run by community volunteers.

We do not speak for a specific organization or group’s agenda and will not be privatized or become a private organization. We support all the open source campaigns.

Why did we start ETHcon Korea?

Ethereum is supported and developed by many developers who believe in decentralization and the value of open source. Although there are many who also believe in such philosophy in Korea, the developers’ community fails to act as a leading role due to being severed from the global developers’ community.

Similarly, the results of some studies fail to come to light due to the lack of appropriate windows and venues for them to be shown to the public. As such, following the precedent set by the Python community when they successfully organized Python Korea for several years, we plan to organize a community-driven conference for Korean Ethereum developers, and by Korean Ethereum developers.

Through ethcon Korea, we hope to expand the Korean Ethereum developers’ community, and shed into light the many different contents that were researched and developed by Korean Ethereum Community, whether they were unknown to the public or developed on their own.

Furthermore, ethcon Korea hopes to act as a chapter where we could share and co-operate with each other’s research and development, resulting in the Korean Ethereum Community to have a positive impact on the Global Ethereum Community. Following Ethereum’s philosophy of decentralization, we aim to have all progress, including preparation, to be made as a community.


Day 1(May 27)

Track A (Room 103)

Track B (Room 102)

9:30 ~ 10:00 Opening Ceremony
10:00 ~ 10:25 김성재
Development story of smart contract language with EVM
Case study for security vulnerability in smart contract
10:25 ~ 10: 50 최윤성
Decentralized Identity for Real World
Cosmos Javascript library: developing CosmosJS
10:50 ~ 11:15 박찬현
Modelling Language for Cryptoeconomic Systems
Explain Degethereum like i’m five
11:15 ~ 11:40 Tai Ling Chen
Manage Geth node on Kubernetes
Kendrick Tan
Feeding My Cat With Ethereum
11:40 ~ 12:05 장병국
블록체인 데이터로 알 수 있는 것들
(Cryptoquant sponsor session)
Do online games dream of full decentralization?
(Planetarium sponsor session)
12:05 ~ 13:20 Lunch
13:20 ~ 13:45 한우영
IPFS Dapp Creation Tutorial for Everyone
porting geth on pine64, rock64 arm embedded board
13:45 ~ 14:10 Brantly Millegan
Your dapp isn't finished without ENS
Daisaku Yamamoto
Developing an interface for blockchain-based protocols
in decentralized finance applications
14:10 ~ 14:35 김종광
Provides ease of use by attaching Universal Login to DApp
Building the new web with self-sovereign identity
14:35 ~ 15:00 임완섭
Git karma on Layer 2 solutions
Economic Analysis of ERC20 Token - Analysis Based on Efficiency and Fairness
15:00 ~ 15:25 김택균
프라이빗 블록체인의 신뢰를 높여주는 하이브리드 블록체인
(Berith sponsor session)
Current state of the global staking industry
( sponsor session)
15:25 ~ 15:35 Break Time
15:35 ~ 16:00 김효준
Building a Decentralized Data Exchange Protocol Handling Millions of Data
The direction that
Ethereum communities should go through
16:00 ~ 16:25 강하다
Dapp & UX Design by Product Manager
An wallet app preventing ETH and ERC20 tokens from being lost
16:25 ~ 16:50 Adrian Li
Live Streaming Your Smart Contract
Henry Chen
Blockchain Resource Pricing and the State "Rent"
16:50 ~ 17:15 문영훈
블록체인과 21세기 디지털 자본주의와 민주주의
Scalable DeSecure ECCPoW Blockchains
17:15 ~ 17:40 정순형
Tokamak Network: Turing Complete,
Scalable Plasma Chain
Review on pilot-testing using local crypto currency in Samdo2-dong
17:40 ~ 18:00 D'CENT
Sponsor Session
Extra Slot

Day 2(May 28)

Track A (Room 103)

Track B (Room 102)

10:00 ~ 10:25 유윤재
Lessons learned from building a decentralized
finance service running on EVM
DaoAuth (universal account & blockchain avatar)
10:25 ~ 10: 50 윤성준
Blockchain Game Postmortem - NinjaForest
(Gomoku Game Based on Ethereum)
Design of upgradable contract
using polymath example
10:50 ~ 11:15 최민석
Mobile Dex Application Development
블록체인과 데이터분석: 빅데이터 분석 활용사례
11:15 ~ 11:40 박주형
Examples and Best Practice to Implement
Requestable Contract for Plasma EVM
Atomic swap by hashed timelock contract
11:40 ~ 12:05 김종호
Henesis : A key solution for resolving the current technical challenges in blockchain adoption
(Haechi Labs sponsor session)
코스믹 BC
Sponsor Session
12:05 ~ 13:20 Lunch
13:20 ~ 13:45 장재혁
Prevention of profitable double-spending attacks
DAO Cooperativism of the Sharing Economy on Blockchain
13:45 ~ 14:10 홍태오
Smart Contract Security Threats and Developer Tools
Mimblewimble: Scalable Privacy Protocol
14:10 ~ 14:35 박정원
Data availability solution in plasma for global state: Continuous Rebase
Secure MPC(Multi Party Computation) Deep Dive
14:35 ~ 15:00 김지윤
Parsing Ethereum Database:
understanding data structures by Level DB analysis
Oracle Technology to connect
Ethereum Smart Contracts to the authenticity proof external data.
15:00 ~ 15:25 장진호
What is Whisper Protocol and how can we use it?
Events monitoring in Ethereum blockchain using web3.eth.subscribe
15:25 ~ 15:35 Break Time
15:35 ~ 16:00 정우현
Comparison between Threshold-sig vs Multi-sig by Examples
Agent Based Computational Economics :
beyond Nash Equilibrium
16:00 ~ 16:25 오지은
How should UX designers approach blockchain service planning?
Examining Stablecoin & Decentralized Finance
(DeFi) with Cryptoeconomics
16:25 ~ 16:50 Gilles Fedak
iExec V3: A Decentralized Marketplace for Trading Datasets
Calvin Kim
Statechains : scalable ledger-agnostic off-chain transactions
16:50 ~ 17:15 Ethereum Hacking Chanllenge
The Ethereum hacking competition
winning team's presentation
VVISP: A Smart Way to Operate Smart Contracts
17:15 ~ 17:40 Extra Slot (TBD)
17:40 ~ 18:00 Closing Ceremony


강하다 강하다 / MBGA
김부연 김부연 / Cosmostation
김종광 김종광 / 이더리움 연구회
김지윤 김지윤 / Dsrv Labs
박찬현 박찬현 / 디사이퍼
배경일 배경일 / Atomrigs Consulting
신만선 신만선 / 위고컴퍼니
임도형 임도형
임완섭 임완섭 / nonce
장진호 장진호 /
정우현 정우현 / Atomrigs Consulting
차승훈 차승훈 / SNEK
최민석 최민석 / 위고컴퍼니
한상일 한상일 / 디지털 골드 익스체인지
한우영 한우영 / 골든타임
현수영 현수영 / Jeju Blockchain User Group
Brantly Millegan Brantly Millegan / ENS
Gilles Fedak Gilles Fedak / iExec
Henry Chen Henry Chen / Nervos
Kendrick Tan Kendrick Tan
Ruben Somsen Ruben Somsen /
Tai Ling Chen Tai Ling Chen / AMIS
한재영 한재영 / 크립토 주식회사
홍태오 홍태오 / 알고리마
김관래 김관래
남두완 남두완 / MakerDAO
엄지용 엄지용 / GameXCoin
주일택 주일택 / IoTrust
윤성준 윤성준
박상현 박상현 / 서울대학교 가상머신 및 최적화 연구실
박시은 박시은
장재혁 장재혁 / 광주과학기술원
김효준 김효준 / Airbloc
박정원 박정원 / Onther Inc.
강형석 강형석 / W3F
최지혁 최지혁 / 해치랩스
김성재 김성재 / DE-labtory
오지은 오지은 / DE-labtory
Adrian Li.jpg Adrian Li / Truffle
유윤재 유윤재 / 디넥스트
이흥노 이흥노 / GIST
조산구 조산구 / Wehome
박주형 박주형 / Onther Inc.
정순형 정순형 / Onther Inc.
최윤성 최윤성 / Haechi Labs
문영훈 문영훈 / 논스(nonce)
Daisaku Yamamoto Daisaku Yamamoto / TimeTicket, Inc.
이진호 이진호 / 헥슬란트
김준수 김준수 /
장병국 장병국 / Cryptoquant
김택균 김택균 / Berith
김종호 김종호 / 해치랩스
서기준 서기준 / Planetarium
안상선 안상선 / M-Robo


Ether Hacking Challenge

  • Get other participants' Ether
  • attacking their vulnerabilities
  • Total prize pool: 5 ETH

Ethereum 101

  • Learn how to use
  • Ethereum smart contracts
  • May 27: Solidity
  • May 28: Vyper

Finding mnemonic

  • Find 5 mnemonic phrases
  • and get the wallet with Ether!
  • Prize: 1 ETH